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Scott McKay & Gene DeCode Discuss Deep Underground Military Bases…

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[, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ]. So we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the creator with certain unalienable rights that, among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that to secure these rights.

Governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers, from consent of the government that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government laying its foundation on such principles And organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.

Prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes, and accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to write themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.

The world is waking up, and this is the tipping point hello, ladies and gentlemen, Scott Mckay patriot street fighter is here with a great show that we have in store for you. I talked about this over the last couple days.

We’re going to be talking, of course, to Kristen W. You know she was here last night talking about the massive intel drop on China, very exciting stuff, and also we have one of my personal favorites, Jean Deco, Gene, Casensei and Jean is is probably the best source that I have seen ever in the deep underground Military base issue: I first became familiar with these things when Dr Steven Grier put out the video on youtube on how the shadow government works and that opened up a major door.

So by the time that I walked into Jean’s narrative a year ago, I was absolutely blown away by the depth of the information he has and the massive underground tunnel trafficking, human trafficking systems, child sex trafficking run by the elites, the Cabala Powers, the air force clowns* in America.

You know global leaders and um like we could probably include un Red Cross, all these organizations that are humanitarian, but they they’ve built these massive structures for two reasons to traffic and  to to supply an adreno-chrome production operation in China, which you’ll, talk about what that is, and, and also he…*

*** He has a an 80 000 foot view on so many of these dumbs* around the world that have been penetrated by the subterranean war fighters and the alliance powers that are taking them over or destroying them with a lot of these Cabala players in them when they can’t get them out, after rescuing children.  But I think it is the most stunning information that the world is going to have to learn about, have to acknowledge and eventually have to heal from by what humanity has been been facing unknowingly to most on the planets.  So I want to introduce Kirsten who is going to provide her information. Also today, so will Jean. So I can put those in the links. So you, if you look at the links here in the description down below this video, you’ll, see how you can follow them and be up to date on their content.

So hello, Kirsten good to have you on the show again today, yeah. I’m happy to be here, and i’m happy that Jean’s here gina and I have been doing videos for like almost two years. This is my Gene decode 32, and so we’ve done a lot of videos.

This is a few. These are a few facts that Gene taught me: okay.

*** He said that, basically, a lot of the funds that go to create these deep underground military bases are from building nine of um 911 trillions of dollars and they have been building.

Some have been existing for thousands of years, but newer ones have been built. Two or three a year and that’s from you know the funds at the funds from building nine, the trillions of dollars and our tax money.

*** So it costs about 66 million dollars to build one of these and they have megalith trains, magnetic trains that go around the world very quickly. That’s the majority of what I remember. Well, let’s go ahead and help the expert take over.

Let’s, go ahead and hear from the master himself. Gene has I believe, a 20-year career in the Navy. I believe your subsurface warfare gene correct me. If I’m wrong, but um I’m just going to let you take it from there yeah submarine warfare but during that time.

Jean/Gene – “Because of my clearance I became aware of these things, the main thing that first happened in my plus 20 year near the very last tour in Hawaii. In the mid early 90s, the ssbns* were pulling into Pearl Harbor and Fort island and off loading all of their nuclear missiles.  I was a little perplexed by that – I’m – like we’re disarming, and so I mean they weren’t, swapping them out. They’re just taking off. So I followed a flatbed semi out of the ferry landing there uh when I got off the ferry and got my car followed .  It went into all the amount of crater housing which is military housing.

I was like – that’s bizarre, because that thing won’t even be able to turn around in there, and he I drove up on the rim of that uh, ulimono* crater and then looked down as it drove in.  And it literally drove right into the side of the crater into the solid rock – and I’m like I, don’t understand…

so about an hour later.

*** I went down and went up and it felt like rock. I mean they can make these holograms, so they feel real and then later I drove back up on the rim and waited.  About two hours later, that semi came out front in first again the way it went in, with no missiles on it, so that’s when I started researching all of these dumps* – and you know, Phil Snyder talked about him, uh Martin Cooper and behold a pill horse*, Phil Snyder.

They murdered him for talking about him. He used to be an engineer working on these and I looked him up. He did over 21 patents uh or excuse me, um, dump decodes (decoders?). I’m blessed to teach that’s on his website still.  I have the patents, there’s, many many hundreds of patents um  – the main device they use to create. *** These is a boring device that is two meters in diameter and it has a particle beam on the front end.

*** This is the newest tech, where they just set it on the ground and as it falls it’s boring and it has a timer on the back of that is a neutron bomb on the timers on a neutron bomb so that when it gets To a certain time the bomb goes off and then that neutron bomb as soon as it’s done there’s, leaves no residual radiation.

So then they just pipe in liquid nitrogen and cool it off. So it just takes a couple hours to cool it down and in the meantime, they have a regular boring machine that’s, been going for, you know, a month or two,  getting the tunnel to go to that cavern.

*** So they have it timed so that when it’s cold it penetrates the cavern. Then all they have to do is pipe in fresh air and do an air research and within another two hours they can start building the infrastructure.

*** So it only takes them two to six months, depending on the size of the cavern (bunker?) that they want to build. But that was when i realized and was looking at the earthquakes and now that the alliance is taking out these, because that device means you’re going to have dumbs always at certain locations of depth.

So you’re, going to have dumps at 2.5, 3, 5 and 10 kilometers. So, for example, right now in Creosia* there’s, been over a hundred earthquakes in the last three months, all at exactly 10 kilometers, and you can see them all over the world, as the alliance is taking them out that you see these uh interesting Earthquakes exactly at ten kilometers and five kilometers and three kilometers in massive numbers and then um as i researched and they did the dump decodes( making them explode?)

I realized that you know the missing money because, like somebody said where does you know they’ve attacked me said you know that’s, ridiculous? *** Where would they get the money for that and, of course, in 9-1-1 uh? If you’ll remember, there was missing trillions of dollars in the budget at that time, that was in two locations where they had that information.

One was in the Trade Tower One and Two and the other one was in that branch of the Pentagon. That went up. I’d say that’s an interesting coincidence that’s.

*** What i call it so uh, and then where does the manpower come from? Well? Not only do we have thousands of children that go missing since the 40s and literally hundreds of thousands, but in third world countries like China and Vietnam, and all these uh countries, where people really don’t have the wherewithal to go report when they have children missing. They have many many children and a family? Usually they’ve literally been taking children in these domes that they’ve been building for thousands of years and then now at a massive rate.

*** It’s starting in the 40s, with the higher technologies by so that by now they could literally have millions and millions of you know: multi-generation slaves down there that never ever get to come up and never see the light of day.

But that’s, what they do they just work down there all their lives, and so there’s, plenty of manpower for it. Then i researched the maglevs and found these maglev’s. There’s an article and i put in where they’re talking about these trades that can go back in the 40s they were saying the trades could go 17 000 miles an hour.

*** So what they do is they vacuum out the tube once they create it, so it’s a vacuum and then using the same kind of drive systems- the magnetic drive systems like the tr-3b uses.

*** You can look up the patents on that as well, under Salvator Payees in the US patent office. The free energy device, which is the size of a shoebox that develops a trillion watts of power. And then the anti-gravity system and those allow them to have all the energy they need.

*** Plus they can get that, you know where they can get from continent to continent?  They board them underneath the continent and they go thousands of miles an hour between the continents and it makes for quick transportation trick.

Excuse me, quick transportation between all these dumps worldwide and so in the U.S. You know i’ve vetted out 346 dumps that they have in the U.S., but the alliance has taken out a majority of those they’ve cleaned up.

*** Some of them for usage for the children and things they’re rescuing because a lot of them can’t come up because if you’re down there for four or five generations, just like all species do, the pigmentation drops and the person adapts to living underground.

*** So they can’t, come up into the full light of day anymore uh, and so the alliance has cleaned up some of the dumps for the children they’re rescuing like the one that went into China lake.  They took that out.

It was a massive earthquake that disabled the base at China Lake and then caused that dump to be destroyed. But, prior to destroying that dumb, they rescued the children. I went into the thousands of children they rescued.  I got attacked for that, because people are like yo, not one thousand or two thousand or four, but you know thousands of children right.

It was like it’s, a giant spark wrap. So when they do these big

*** tunnels for the adreno-chrome harvesting, what they’ll do is create what’s called a spark gap grid where

*** they do layers and layers and layers of steel floors that can be electrified, and then

*** They put layers and layers of cages on those and

*** they have lights and sirens that’ll go off and then the children get electrocuted, so

*** they have actually documented and researched for every blood type, every type of child.

How long they can do that? How much they can harvest per day? *** You know how many harvests per day, how much quantity they harvest what techniques besides electrocution to use so that they get the best crop of adreno-chrome as well as there’s.

*** Another adrenochrome comes from the oxidation of adrenaline by the pineal gland,

but for the chromochrome, which is a more powerful chemical that they get, that’s, *** oxidation of the growth hormone by the pituitary gland, and so that takes one to two years to get.

So they also harvest that as well, that’s, a lesser known one, but it’s about a hundred thousand times as powerful as adrenochrome, and so just to show some things here on adrenochrome, if i can find it here.

So these are some patents on um adrenochrome. So, as you can see my screen here and you can see the expiration dates on the patents, and this is how you look before that’s. How you look after now that the uh fake inauguration is in there he’s,(Biden?)  get he’s, got to supply it in and that’s.

The way they call it. The white rabbit that’s. The chemical structure – and this is a device used to administer it, and, of course you know you’re looking at the 666 there you pointed that out once Jean and that’s quite fascinating.

I want to focus on that for a second, because people who understand when i talk about all these companies, the entire world structure is built on this Satanist Order and if you actually look right there, you can see the ball right there for google is um.

***You know, basically it’s, three sixes, you can see it  and why do you think they come up with a browser called chrome? It’s, the other half of adreno-chrome and didn’t you say that they also have some other type of an app or something called adreno um for for for google yeah.

Somebody shared that with me, and i saw it.  I couldn’t believe it couldn’t believe it. So let me go here and find some more images here that’s on guest lane. Sorry, this is George Floyd by the way um earlier this week, I’m kidding, not right yeah.

So another thing they do in these uh domes is of course advanced technologies. So let me stop sharing see if i can find it. It’s easier. Sorry for the causation here we go so what they’re. Doing like i was telling you,

*** I’m suffering right now from a margins attack which is a technology they create nanotech. We uh advantages to use nanotubes and what we discovered was that these nanotubes can actually spring together and form wires by themselves under this electric field, that’s, air force, acting at a distance.

How exciting it is, instead of you know when you’re normally building that you know, instead of you know, when you’re hold on instead uh. Let me freeze that i want to show something:

*** look at the symbol: the Owl yeah wow, wow, rice, university, wow normally to build circuits and things like that you have to have physical contact.

*** Now we’re talking about building circuits without actually touching them. [, Music ]. I realized that a Tesla Coil could actually do this if you designed it in a way to create a very strong force field in front of it, and so that was the engineer you see them flying and then once i designed the machine, all sorts of discovery started falling out. One of those things is a project that there are just so many avenues, so many things that i think you can do with it.

Not so many different places, not only just biomedical and engineering, but it’s very much like a web sort of stringing out together.  That was a surprising finding. So they’re, very excited about how wonderful that is.

*** Some of the tech they’ve got um from non-terrestrial sources, um, they

***** they grow nanotech and then they put it in children and create super soldiers. That’s another thing they do in the doms(DOMES?) besides adrenochrome harvesting and that and then um, so they alliance has been taking those out all over the world.

It’s wonderful, so let me see if i can find really quick here. Um, you know ***** Trump was talking about this is probably six months ago the Pentagon was allotting 500 million dollars to um to sub training warfare, and i’m thinking: 500 million.

They probably got a couple billion dollars into that at least as much as they have to do around the world yep and the alliance is now taking this out. So i’m going to see if i can show you here, um,  Gene.

I have a question from the subscribers they asked about the dumps being taken out in Spain. Is that happening? Yes, okay, you can pause a second. Let me, give me a minute to find this. I don’t want to take too much time up on the recording there.

Okay, i’m ready, so, as you can see, I’ve got

***** the map up here and if you scroll down, you’ll, see these interesting earthquakes exactly at 10 kilometers um. These are actually the ones out to sea are where the maglev *? ‘

So they come up and go underneath the continent.   They need to get to 10 kilometers, because the dumps on the continent are 10 Kilometers are those you say, maglev ?,

***** so those volcanic pipes or um lava tubes, uh magnetic levitating trains, yes gotcha and then another thing.   I look for is negative values, which is the alliance taking out an underground facility and a unit trying to get away a Cabala unit trying to get away in stealth. So you see this, they’re blowing it up it’s.

*** You know multi layers, it starts it till 10 kilometers, and so they’re working their way up, but at the same time you have  earthquake that’s 300 meters in the air 0.3 kilometers, in other words, something airborne.

It’s in stealth, it’s invisible and it’s being taken out, while it’s trying to get out of the earth’s atmosphere and get away from the alliance taking them out.

Q. So Gene, how did the alliance get in a position of control inside these dumps? These are obviously offshoots of military compartmentalized.

Military um , maybe at best to describe, would likely be rogue groups who are using black budget money to compartmentalize in the offshoots of our regular military that have done all this.

Q.*****Am i right in the alliance guys or guys that somehow were maybe read into these programs came in and saw that there were terrible things going on and then, like the off planet stuff ,  decided they had to form a group of defectors and and then find a way to bring it all down is that kind of how these guys, the alliance guys got access to these things.

Yep you had a large group of special, ***** very special forces group, that decided that they didn’t like the human trafficking and especially the stuff with the children that broke away, and so they then all allied with the alliance.

The alliance is composed started up in 1900 in early 1900 about 1903, with Nikola Tesla, Van de Graaff, the Trump brothers and Howard Hughes.  They developed the plan which was the plan to bring down the great plan.

***** The Cabala plan to enslave humanity and rule the world and the plan to end that plan, and so then, as special forces got pretty, you know doing all these black ops. The generals that were part of the plan then recruited various black op units uh to join them and take out the dumps, because the domes is where the main part of their plan is called alternative.

***** To make vast underground bases worldwide net. They have over 10, they had before Trump over 10 000 miles of tunnel systems. The maglev’s, plus thousands over three to four thousand dumps worldwide 346 that i vetted in just the U.S.
They’re working on getting all of the ones and uh they ‘ve got most in U.S. cleaned up now and they’re working on Canada and Mexico, and things like that.

(Pointing to earthquakes spots) So here’s, another one. You can see again that 300 meter in the air. This is over Oregon and you know so yeah exactly here’s, another one.

This is 500 meters same air location, so that was two units they took out, because i mean why would you have an earthquake unless it’s over a quarry or volcano um? Not in this case there’s nothing there like that, and then again this would be the 10 kilometer.

***** You can see massive earthquakes here where there and you also have a 0.8 there. This is a dump take out a large underground facility. They’re taking out, and you had. You saw that i showed you up a 0.8 here’s, a dumb facility at 10.

Again, you can see massive facility being taken out and then this one here that had the 0.8 above the ground, that’s facil=easy. You know something trying to get out of that facility.

***** So Spain, you were asking about Spain. Of course, they’re doing Puerto Rico. Right now as well, you can see the massive and uh Haitian Dominican Republic area, so one is near Palaguera and Ponce Puerto Rico, which is this area here.(pointing)

***** There’s, a lot of earthquakes in the 10 to 11 km area in that area and then, as you’re asking about Spain, these are just the last week. What i’ve got up. I’ve patterned. This for one week, so this is just earthquakes, so the one they’re doing right now in Spain, again, 10 kilometers.

You asked about that. That’s uh, you can read the name there Choicina, Spain, they’re taking out a dump there and then also they were not showing it because the ops now um cleanup face so they’re not showing them, but *****Croazia had 40 earthquakes in 24 hours uh two weeks ago in uh they nuking those things.

Gene to take them out what they’re doing they are collapsing them or what are they doing? Yeah, tactical nukes, practical news, and ***** what are they doing with the all the cabal soldiers down there? They were just taking them out.
*****( Were those the soldiers with backpacks coming out getting into hundreds of busses few nights ago from the White House??) 

***** These people can’t be rehabbed. You can’t have been in that environment, that world underground as long as they have and actually be rehabbed. I don’t believe that for a second. The alliance doesn’t.

Do the cabals ex terminate with extreme prejudice kind of thing in a battle they take people to military tribunals if they can get them to read to surrender a lot of times. Most Cabala assets won’t, but ***** they do have technology that can render them asleep, so they will actually remove them and take them to military tribunals.

And then they’ll be found guilty under the law.  You know we don’t want to become like the Cabala by doing the same in “let the end justify the means”   The alliance tries to respect life and take out as much force as they can in a non-lethal way to take them to tribunals.

You can see again here’s, one in Turkey or Armenia rather, and you know again another one in Syria that’s why there is an op in Syria.If you remember there’s, ground troops going into Syria yep, yes, yep, taking out a big dump, that’s a lot of children again: 10 kilometers 10 kilometers. So that’s, one in Iran and as in Armenia. This may be a maglev (magnetic levitation transportation system) , no, that’s just natural.

So you know what i do is you can just page along through the world and that’s, the one we saw near Panama. So you just look for three five and ten, and you know if you go Puerto Rico like i was saying there’s, the one got Puerto Rico, you know i’ve had people say and you’ve probably heard this a thousand times i’ve, had it a number of times people keep saying;

*****Well. If they have all these children, you know, and they’re rescuing them in these dumps, where are they? I want to see them, you know i want a proof.

I want evidence like i said, look. First of all, these are military operations highly compartmentalized they don’t telegraph their moves  But number two.

***** I heard that the learning curve that they had gone through in trying to bring some of these children to the surface that had never been because of the atmospheric pressure they were, they end up like like getting the bends coming up from diving deep too quickly, but their their internal organs started to expand and actually burst, and it was such a shocking.

You know experience for these soldiers to have to go through what they did. You know experiencing that it just brought into the picture of what you said, that any organism will adapt to its environment.

DNA shifts over time and folks that want to see these people come up out of the ground, they’re not going to I don’t know. If some of these people have been born, there can ever acclimatize  over a period of time to UV rays or the atmospheric pressure or anything, so they may never be able to come up out of the ground.

I’m sure those that have been there you know were captured on the surface and taken to these bases. Of course, you know they can bring them back, but is that your best answer for when people say well I want to see one myself.

I want to see this stuff that’s against the law to show/reveal  any trafficked victim. It’s a good point. I didn’t think of that – it’s illegal to be showing the victims.



What was your response to that Gene um both what Kirsten said what you said um, if you’ve, been down there for multiple generations, you can’t come up, you get the bins and die number two.

You don’t, have the melanin in the skin to take UV at all um eventually. Actually, if you’re talking thousands of years that are like 10 15 generations, they don’t have even some of them that are just the burrowers, where they just have building little tunnels and all kinds of stuff, a lot of them can barely even withstand the light of day in their eyes (Zombies ? so that is how they made movies with them, someone knew about it years ago,  wow)

They’ll have pink eyes and they can’t withstand the skin. Can’t withstand it. Their eyes can’t withstand it. They get the bins and by they did a learning curve where they had to learn that a lot of these children and these people that have been bred by the Cabal down there for many many generations can’t come up at all.

**** So I Suspect they’ll, take these um, they take they take over these dumps and they make these underground facilities likely very great living conditions for a new life that they’re going to have to whatever degree freedom.

I can’t even imagine what that looks like under there, where they they just i mean just, i think, of the thought of you know what some of these children in cages they see. These special operators coming in, you know, they don’t know what an angel is.

You know they they don’t, have a um a you know, a vision or picture of this angelic being coming in with you know, wings and a freaking sword to start lopping heads off and saving them just can’t. Imagine what kind of experience that would be for these kids to try to you know, adapt the idea that um this is over.

You know this is over. We’re here to rescue you. You know who knows if they have language which i don’t doubt some of them may not, but it’s. In my opinion, it is an. It is an absolute horror uh on humanity that most people, probably going to just want to run from they’re, not going to want to contemplate it at all, but that could happen on this planet um.

*****I think it’s, going to be the trying transition point of our time as we’re turning this curve into the into the uh. You know at the dawn of this new age. I think that is going to be the one cataclysmic event that we’re, going to have to suffer emotionally and psychologically as a species to get beyond this stuff, and we start learning about it, yeah exactly because it’s um the

// Adreniculum is one thing again where you have multiple in the chromacomp, where you have adrenaline, where you have multiple generations, that this has been done too, where they’re, kept in cages, all their life and just tortured until they die from it.

And they know exactly how long and then they’ll they teach them usually to be able to walk and run, and things like that. So then they can do hunting parties when they’re no longer viable for adrenal chrome uh.

It’s, so horrific what the illuminati do uh and the these Cabala minions and satanists it’s beyond comprehension, and that’s. You know, even that is as horrific as that is to just raise life for that purpose// Seems a real horror movie

Only just so you can have your recreational dogs and stay young, and that kind of thing is is an abomination to god beyond comprehension, but that’s, not even the worst of the worst, where they’re doing um, i won’t even go into it, but they’re hybriding and creating a meld*? with a.

i and ***** making super soldiers where they take parts of the child and augment it with a.i and nanotech and all kinds of things. So they literally operate on the child, and you know, and these beings are you know they were? It was called project um, let’s, see what was it uh like rendition or something? I know those are renditions flights.??? 

Sorry um uh. It’s like revenge they had. I can’t. Remember the name of the project right now resolution project resolution in which they were breeding children and making super soldiers as a resolution of a way to get rid of us and the special forces and everybody.

And then they actually be found that the alliance had greater tech, so they just hunted them down, used them as hunting parties and killed them. After all of that that they bred these things and this terrible stuff to children – and then you know they don’t even have language a lot of them.

They don’t, learn social skills. They don’t, learn some of them never even learn to walk. They’re just in the cages, but then they create these as soldiers, a half creature, half a uh. You know party ai park, creature, part human.

I mean the stuff they’re doing is, you know, as I’ve learned about all this and you know seeing what they’re doing in the dumps, the cabal it’s beyond i mean there’s. Not i don’t know. We need some kind of new word for evil.

It’s beyond anything I could ever ever have comprehended that another being could do to another. Being i mean i can’t. I couldn’t even imagine doing that to a rat in a cage, let alone a living human sentient being you know a rats or sentient, but you know to a degree, but to do it to being like, you know,

humans that have feelings and they just never have a life and never really get so. It’s, going to be something to get people to wrap their heads around and how *****the Cabal view us as nothing but a crop that they can harvest and do and use for lit?* manpower and labor and food and recreational drugs.

That’s, all they look that their superior form of life to us and we’re, something akin to bacteria to them. They look at us with utter disdain um that, were, you know, like they said deplorable, and that’s.

Why this war, like 107 has said, is casino riot royal for the planet and the human race that it’s all cards in and now the war is full out. You saw the earthquakes all over the world. They’re taking out the alliances, got the upper hand, not only that with the space force they’re already.

***As you can see, the white house has been dark***. It’s, never been dark like that. Before people say they’ve done it yeah. I’ve heard the same thing. They say that happens that’s every night i’m, like this is bs.

These people come up with this stuff that look. I i i make some calls uh yeah. I i went with the roy blunt was arrested. Yesterday clearly looks like that was a um was a uh. You know a martial with him.

Other people said no here’s what it really is. Okay, no problem, i mean we don’t all know the answers, because, if we did, these operations would be compromised, but when they come up, it will come up with that kind of nonsense.

Um like like that, concerning these subjects you just you can’t even entertain that that information, it’s credible, ******i sent gene. I sent gene some videos of um, half human and half pig and half human***** and half like it.

Looked like a the head looks like a look like a jellyfish and with arms, human arms and legs. I sent him the video. I sent you those videos like from a year ago, right yeah. I have those buried somewhere.

It’s. Yeah again it’s, stuff. That’s, so disturbing that i mean what is the point of doing that? Why would you and that’s? Why god destroyed Atlantis in a day uh, all but five islands and then destroyed them later too, because this kind of messing with the genetics created by God um, the temerity?* that you uh could do better than God or even if you’re, you Don’t believe in god, and you’re.

You’re. You believe in evolution that you, the temerity and the gall that you could improve on millions of years of natural selection and then on top of that, think that you’re, not going to put something out there.

That would be invasive and be outside. The normal natural selection, where it could create utter havoc and wipe out all life on the planet, either way you look at it that’s, that’s out there, and it seems like that’s.

What their agenda is. Anyways, like that’s, not even an accident for them that that actually happened, that’s. What they’re, actually looking for yeah exactly and it’s, just you know they’re. Obviously, a death cult they feed on death and destruction and evil, and you know that’s.

They live literally live of it. That’s a lot of them. They they feed on the loose these demonics and things they feed. On the lucia*? , the negative feelings of making people be in pain and anguish and hate and fear, and all that that’s, why they constantly create that.

*****But you know, *****thank goodness for Trump now that that’s all being cleaned up in the alliance. Because – and you know, i know – people think that things aren’t looking good um. These are some things that you know here’s *** John Barron, with a nice mustache there signings that’s, funny yeah and uh.

If people remember the decode I did on him going to the UK and he sat in front of the chain. Uh the King’s chair at the banquet and he walked in front of the Queen in total disdain. He reviewed the troops, the British troops with American military music playing, meaning there are troops he took control of – the crown corporation.

He went to Westminster Abbey and signed the Virginia ledger. It means that he is the top executive of the crown corporation. So now, even though he stepped down as U.S. inc, that is owned by the ground corporation from the Tower of London and from London, which owns the Vatican and everything else and Trump owns all of it, so he’s.

His lawyers have told him he’s a very important business executive, so he can still cite executive orders’ style. Yeah rub it in here i’m going to rub it. I’m not going to rub it in your face. I’m, going to smear it all over your face.

Yeah. I want to see what that speaks towards yeah Space Force is doing Global blackouts, as I said, including the Vatican. They blacked it out to take literally that Vatican and the under the dump under the Vatican is goes to Jerusalem.

VATICAN /// It’s over 1500 miles. The first 150 miles were  60 meters wide by 40 meters high by 150 miles. Miles long of nothing but gold bullion, the the numbers I’ve heard are 34.7 quintillion dollars in 20, 20 dollars of gold and that’s.

That’s enough. That’s enough that every human on earth could be living like a millionaire every last of 7.8 billion or whatever. This could be like a millionaire yup, so they’ve been blacking that out and pulling the gold out of there plus. After that is meticulous records, because the Cabal loves to gloat about exactly where the gold came from, what country, what city, municipality, what family? What person from fake taxes,  you name it!

So they ‘ve, been doing this plus a lot of uh religious archives, missing books of the bible, all kinds of things they’re in there and so then um.

These are also flights going over the U.S. for those that think nothing’s happening. This is military flights only this week, this last two weeks that’s. All that’s a lot of operations going on um yeah that I wanted to get to this. Actually, I just saw this list um, but i want to edit that entire list, but I do find it an interesting list yeah.

I wonder about that too. I’ve, seen a number, we had 2 000 U.S. uh National Guard uh that were deputized as U.S. marshals. If you remember the Prophecy of Mark Taylor and then also 107, which i’ve – heard this as well, that they’re building.

Something in front of the cap of the white house that is under a tent and a lot of carpenters and a lot of what is going on there. (I have published the images on FB with the new building) I’m, just wondering if we’re talking the book of master*? just a thought and then um.

So we’ve got a lot of names here. I think it’s, a possibility,  something to consider, and of course we look at 2016 gitmo*?  and 2019 gitmo*?

(((What does Gitmo stand for?
Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Spanish: Base Naval de la Bahía de Guantánamo), officially known as Naval Station Guantanamo Bay or NSGB, (also called GTMO or Gitmo because of the common pronunciation of this word by the U.S. military) is a United States military base on the shore of Guantánamo Bay and is also the oldest )))

as well besides that possibility and that’s just what’s above ground?

Can you imagine what’s underground, probably like 90 percent of it probably yeah and then the uh? That was interesting too, for people that are paying attention um, since when does the White House have a road, the oval office?

This was a lawn and hedges and a tree um, and where is the box on his desk? There’s supposed to be a box in which he can, with a presidential seal on it and a little red button to call in this special service, the secret service, in case you know something bad starts happening, then also you have this gentleman during his inauguration with a ccp party (Chinese Communist Party – Wikipedia )

Pin that’s. Interesting and then you have this.This is uh for me. They’re like 107.. I agree. The American people need to be woken up and the world needs to be woken up to where this will never happen again. Yeah we’ll have to have real world consequences for a while, where people lose jobs and things it’s better than tens of millions of lives of uh, a hot war, and so they’re saying he’s gonna put this guy in charge of the secretary of defense.

He’s saying they’re, going to defund the the army and probably the rest of the military after that and turn our defense over to the Chinese.

Looking at with this Cabal, you know what my belief in that ,Gene is. That is absolutely their plan. It always has been part of their 16-year plan, but i believe that i could be wrong, but – and you know this too – that this is a movie – *****they are putting clowns in a position to carry out their operation, because the military is not letting anybody do anything at the Pentagon.

****The military’s controlling all of that, but i think they’re letting these people go ahead and put them in positions, so they can show the world here’s what they were going to do to the world.  They’re, letting it just far enough to show the world.  Then they will just stop it all, which means some of these people may have a gun to their head, because they already knew they were the player that was going to be fulfilling that position and were giving them the option.

Look here’s their option. >> You continue on as you were, going to now or in the upcoming future, and you know  you play out a good role here. We’ll spare your life. You’re going to get life in prison.

If not, we’re just going to execute you right now. So my guess is a lot of that’s happening here, because there’s too many absurdities that not even the person that’s, half asleep, would even buy into, i mean: do you see it that way as well?

Absolutely – and you know, as per the and i’ve vetted this as true the U.S. inc – are America Ltd uh, the Corporation went bankrupt on 19th Jan’21 the midnight of the 19th of this year, uh chapter 13 bankruptcy, so as Trump you stepped down as the President of a bankrupt corporation, he retired, you don’t retire as the president.

He didn’t step down, he retired, in other words ahead of the corporation and the states, and the counties and cities were essentially franchises, underneath that old system, and so now what we have is a system whereby um *****he is now in charge of the U.S. of these united states for America, as per the original constitution*****, which they thought they had burned in the war of 1812, when they sacked dc*?? (Washington DC?) the British empire, the British people had come.

You know military come in and sacked, but the founding fathers were smart enough to create two originals and put one away in a special place. So this is how i think Mount Rushmore (

Mount Rushmore National Memorial (US National Park Service)

should look after it. I said before the election even happened in 2016.

I said you watch what happens that that Trump’s going to end up on Mount Rushmore and I was already getting beat up by everybody, for you know supporting Trump. Even my republican friends, a number of them because they were ted Cruz fans, and i understood that. But i just said i’m telling you right now, nobody can do what this guy will be able to do, because nobody has any tie to this guy and and of course, now after four years, everybody’s thinking well, especially after we know what comes up in the coming months and years, they’re going to be like you know, – What are you kidding me? Absolutely, we’ve got to have this guy in Mount Rushmore.

In fact, we probably need his own mountain yeah, and you know to give people clarify what they did is of course in 1812. They replaced the Constitution and made United States all encounter being a Corporate Entity of when you’re of something.   It’s not for you, you’re of it, means they own you.

So the populace for the U.S. – and they did this in every country. This is Canada Ontario, and this is a birth certificate and what does it say – Canadian banknote, where our certificates is like the legal registration on your car? So we became commodities of a corporation in which they own us – lock stock and barrel, and then in 1913 uh with the Federal Reserve Act was created in 1910 and then passed by Congress in 1913 started collecting on the debt to where they bankrupted.

The U.S. Treasury – and then you know, through the Federal Reserve, by demanding a 100M /a Day (hundred million dollars a day) and gold bullion. You can see the testimony of Senator Lewis T McFadden in the force of Congress in 1930, showing shipping documents for 100 million dollars a day from Fort Knox and other gold risers once that one was empty going to the Rockfellers, the Carnegies and the Rothschilds.

So they then took those vast sums of gold, and then **** invested in the stock market then dropped this created margin, stock, 100 to 1 on real stock, and then, when that happened, they then had taken over the stock market.

They created a blue chip stock market that they owned. All of the true stocks like in the Federal Reserve zone 24 by the Carnegie’s, 24 read the Rockefellers, 52 by the Rothschild family and all of those are just pawns for the pace.

Yours, which are worth you know that 400 quintillion down there 334.7 quintillion most of that’s wrong the pay shore family up until Trump.   When he took over and got rid of them, he took over all of the Crown Corporation and everything.

Then, with the stock market they created the Common Market for the common people, it’s, a Monopoly Stock.

It’s as you know, it’s not real stock at all.   *****We’re traded as our Birth Certificates are traded in lots*****,  on the blue chip stock market.

*&*&*& So when they do the NASARA (gold standard)? and they put back the gold and silver standard which is already in process of being done, it means that we become actually sovereigns under uh protected by the original constitution.

We’re not under the constitution.

We’re protected by it and then we’re not going to be traded. We’re, not a commodity, because we’re backed by all that gold, we don’t need commodity to back our money.

We have the gold tobacco that they stole from us in the first place. So then, what happens is that the irs goes away and beca is shifted to just collecting a flat 14.17 interest on the sale of products, the first time that are non-essentials things that aren’t like medicine and food like if you buy a House, the first time and it’s new.

You would pay that. But if it’s a you wouldn’t pay it. If you sell it, you wouldn’t pay because you get, as you see up until 1913 in the federal reserve act. If you look at the us like in the roaring 90s and they get in the gate, 20s, they call it.

The U.S. was so wealthy. They were trying to figure out what to do with all their money. We didn’t have running in the red. We had a surplus, so bad we didn’t have a deficit. We had a such a huge surplus.

They couldn’t figure out where to spend all the money with no income tax. That is because the way you fund the government like Trump started, doing this putting back tariffs, and so you export and import, and if you’re in, you know, major you export products and things and we’re vastly powerful, you know giant for production.

Of course they hollowed that out as well and so um so yeah go ahead, no go ahead! I want to carry on that. You’re, going to talk about juan for a second, we’ll hear where you went with that.

Oh so, you know once um uh, just you know showing a little bit *****more on uh Joe here um. If you notice he doesn’t look exact, look how young the hands are, also look at what he’s signing.  It’s a blank sheet of paper with no presidential letterhead, um kind of something wrong with that.

If that’s an executive order it doesn’t look like it to me! here’s. My question on him I’ve said this. Look. I followed these guys uh for many many years before i walked away from the you know the whole realm of politics and um.

You know since 1995, i’ve had my eye on a lot of these people, because that’s where my head was before I walked away um, but when he first came out after Trump was elected shortly thereafter, and he showed up as a candidate and i’m looking, i’m thinking that’s not Joe Biden. You know i’ve been watching this clown for a long time, watching him get thrown off committees as a chairman, because he’s such an idiot by his own party, and that’s the truth. you go

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