Recommended Resources – Health, Love, Marketing Links

Here are recommended resources for Programs and Apps we are using:

A/ Health Aspects

a) Taking Care of Our Body
Fight Diabetes


b) Mind and Character
Rikka7DayChallengeEffortlessLife >> It is an Abundance Challenge
Rikka/Quiz/MoneyMastery – Get your personal Abundancy Frequence Score

c) Good and Bad Emotion and Control Over Them
RikkaFreeSelfLoveBook >> Discover the Secret to the Universe and Come back to Love

d) Brain Retraining
– NeuroGym 2020.  Watch the Booming Brain-a-Thon

e) Supplements – NeuroActive8

B/ Making Money Online from Home

CopyMyEmailSystem >>> An amazing Email Toolkit to use daily– Explode My Payday

D/ Softwares and Automation Systems

ContentGorilla >> Cloud Based App Converts ANY YouTube Video Into a Fully Formatted Blog Post In 60 Seconds… >>

E/ Digital And Email Marketing

Copy My Email System


F/ Video Creations

D/ Reviews on Softwares and Systems
Internet Reviewer Website

– Social Media

1) YouTube
TubeTarget – excellent social media for getting people aware of your products and services.
2) FB
Automated Chat Profits – set up the chats and deliver when visitor lands on your FB page.

3) Twitter

4) Social Media Jobs
Social Media Jobs – If you want to offer some service for money

WP Sites

1) Plugins – FREE and Paid & Reviews
Five Minute Profit Sites
WP PhotoPress
WP Auto Content Ankur 
WP LeadsMachineGold

2) WP Themes
Socrates Theme – have you struggled to find a good responsive theme for your website? You will know that there are many but not all perform well. Save your precious time by checking this one.

3) SEO
CoreSEO – nobody in marketing gets away without SEO. Here is the most essential SEO you will need.

Writing Books and Mastering Email 
1) Automation – to be added in 2021

b) Traffic

Traffic Jeet – very much appreciated tool for getting traffic
InstantTrafficBuyer – nothing wrong in buying the right traffic
TrafficZion – More for your traffic

c) Conversions

ConversioBot – convert your visitors in buyers in automatic. Set up and forget.

d) Study Courses, Quizzes and Live Trainings
Rikka HiddenCodeFinancialReality – Rikka is one of my favorite ladies always gathering amazing people to get exceptional results in raised vibration and therefore top results
Rikka’s Quiz on Self – Love >>> It will help you to realize what is missing in order to win your dream-life
How To Make Good Side Income Online – free summery-training from a top online marketer
Project Profit Academy >> Jono and Brendan explain entire process of how to earn 5 -figure a month in 30 days only
Create Super-simple “Money Pages” – earning for you passive income ( with Steven Clayton & Aidan Boot)

Click Bank University review – Why not enroll coached by the professionals with one of the most used market platform in 21c
Super Simple Landing Pages – you will love them for passive income

e) Affiliates
WP AffMachine every marketer has earned by being an affiliate to better marketers or/and by building an affiliate net to promote his own products online. It’s a win-win situation.
– Earn E-Bay cash-back money when you buy for yourself and your family.
Affiliate Funnel Bot – even if you don’t quite understand how, but it works for you non-stop.