Ladies Top Health Means Top Mind & Top Body

Ladies Top Health Shape with Top Mind & Top Body


One of the main topic on which ladies hold their attention is the their health in all its aspects. Can we all be in ‘top health’ shape?

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Physical Health – Planning Your Yearly Check Up – In order to get a ‘top body’ shape we need to start with the physical health and that is quite understandable. If we are feeling good, it is first and foremost because we are generally healthy.

We do our check ups regularly and if you have not made it a habit yet, I would advise you to put that as the first item on your year 2021 agenda by adding it to the google calendar + the calendar hanging in your kitchen wall by hand.

Body Care – We can do a lot today for our ‘better body’ functioning by going to the gym, attend health food seminars, reading and creating the perfect healthy diet menus for us and our families.
More action we take – following a fitness coach, a video fitness program, interactive programs – more results we can get.
How do we act more ? By training our brain to help us, not hinder our actions.

Brain Work – Equally important if not more important are the exercises of our brain, which we do by learning the latest tips on healthy thoughts and how to install them in our brain, by replacing bad habits with healthy habits to support us in our way to achieve success, by establishing routines which serve us best.

Meet some of the heros of Brain-a-Thon 2020
Meet some of the Experts of Brain-a-Thon 2020

Brain Work and Personal Development Coaches – Where do we learn to achieve a ‘top mind’ state? From the best coaches on healthy thoughts, healthy habits, mindful thinking, winning battles for success. We test all different systems and present you with what is working today. Why not put them to the test yourself? They all offer free trainings, so you experience in person before you commit to anything.

1/ Mindfulness is coached.  It brings women, and not only women, down to present day level. You can’t live in the past and you should not live in the future, which is not guaranteed by anybody. It is a very useful tool for a better life.

1/a/ Learn how to be free from stress

1/b/ Learn to Meditate

1/c/ Raise your Vibration 

2/ Recognizing limited beliefs – It is part of the brain training which we should all go through as early as possible in our life. When it concerns kids, we can start installing the right beliefs from early age. What happened until few years ago was that we all underwent the usual upbringing when parents would condition us to accept a certain level of success as a norm.

We would be discouraged to risk by trying to achieve more results. For example if the parents were overweight, there would be no point, according to them, to attempt to be slim. Well ladies, this is a limiting belief up to a great extent. You can improve, you can be different than them.

3/ Eliminating Old Limited Beliefs– Most of them are untrue and not useful. They stop us and cause us to procrastinate. Any decision we take for a better life-style can be sabotaged by those limiting beliefs and stop us from taking action.

4/ Installing Good Positive ‘Chosen By Us ‘New Beliefs – Brain and Mind science is so advanced now that big companies are paying millions to experts to get their employees adopt/install the new necessary beliefs and habits to make them be competitive on the market.

5/ Creating Healthy Habits – would be the next step in brain work. That involves learning to take action without hesitation and achieving goals by being part of appropriate community of ‘health goal’ seekers.

Appearance – How we see ourselves in the mirror is very important in our daily social life. It can make us have energy and desire to go out and expand out relationships and social contacts. But, it can also make us close in and start avoiding meeting people and expressing ourselves.

Appearance is closely connected with the brain work we can do. Nowadays it is proven with great results that we can make our brain learn the best shortcuts to convince us of our self – worth, self – respect and self – love.
On its turn that leads to more self – assurance and predisposition of meeting more new people on top of maintaining old contacts alive. It can put a smile on our faces.

Appearance can be improved in many other ways:

1/ Losing few kilos:

1/a/ Following Diets

1/b/Working out, or both? 

1/c/ Changing your life-stile – much better in the long run

2/ Better shape for the body, more toning for the muscles

3/ Using exercises for the face, eyes, posture

4/ Keeping up with fashion that goes well with our age.

4/a / Clothes

4/b/ Colors

4/c/ Make Up

5/d/Mental Attitude

So as I said in the beginning women today are happy and fulfilled only when they are ‘masters’ of their body and mind. They are ‘all in’ the battle for achieving top health by having top body and top mind.