Get back to Dating Ladies!

We all need to love & to be loved!

Dating & Love can be the most natural sequence for most

In order to block pain, shame and guilt to get back to dating & love, we need to re-train our brain to work around our dreams, not old beliefs based on memories.

When you are a teenager, you don’t think this way, or rather you simply live your day with excitement and expect to meet that perfect guy and fall madly in love from first sight. And it happens just like that. You do not plan your day, week or month with precise events in which you tick off the success of your dating. It just happens.

You fall in love and you feel like flying to the sun. The joy and overwhelm is so big that you hardly notice anything else around you. And if you are lucky and know how to handle this relationship and Not let it burn in a short time, you might end up in a relationship which leads to happy lasting marriage! Great!

On the other hand dating & love programs and teaching exists because most of us normal creatures can be infatuated but not in love really, so we do have more than 2-3 love relationships in our life! Yes , many, even 10x of them, ending up very confused, not knowing what love is, how treason should be treated, what to do with the pain after we split etc. They do not think of getting back to dating at all.

We struggle a lot to understand why did our love story broke, and we always find faults in the partner and/or ourselves. The pain can be killing us. And, yes, with time it slowly gets less intensive but we are scared and un-sure of ourselves! This is where we need help and quicker we get it, less valuable time we waste.

Hello my friends,

I am thrilled to be able to present myself to you.  I am a successful entrepreneur and a life coach specializing in help and getting you out of life of

Denny Redpath Dating & Love Coach & Facilitator
Las Vegas Dating & Love Stop

pain, guilt, blame, shame and all negative sides of a break up with a loved one. Isn’t it painful to lose your partner? For myself in my experience it has been very painful. Worse than that has always taken a long time to get back to living my life.  Sometimes it took years of going back to the break up point pondering forever trying to find what I had done wrong?!  I did not think of getting back to dating then. I thought there was something wrong with me. Why did it happen to me? Not once but few times.  It must be me!  I am expecting too much from men.  Maybe I was not cut for a partnership?¶

So why am I here speaking to you?

Let me tell you a bit about my story so you understand my “Why”

Well, last time when my relationship broke in January 2014 something wonderful happened!  Yeees. I managed to get over all those negative side effects very quickly.   The last partner I had was in my opinion the most suitable for me from all of them, yet, exactly after he walked away, for the first time in my life, I got rid of all residual hurt and feeling of injustice very fast.  I could start dating again, opening to love again. This is what I am here to tell you ladies. If I did it, you can do it ! ¶

I was reading at that time the  eBook “Rich dad, poor dad”  and  I tried to get S. interested.  No, he would not hear about it.  I will not go into detail in our life together now but I promise to write an account about it later.  Let me get to the point, he called me to sit on the couch  and said ” We can remain friends, but I want out” . Bum. He said it. I felt numb. I was so dumbfounded it took me few seconds to answer ” You want out? Why, what is the reason?  No explanation. I kept waiting and asked again. He had no intention to answer. Was he mad?  I had left him 3 times and each time he begged me to go back and now he is doing it without even giving me a reason? ¶

How I handled that terrible moment

Well, I was not crying at all, I was raving mad. “No problem. We don’t have to stay together if you don’t want to.  But I  expect an explanation!  Would you believe it? He never ever gave me that reason.  I thought I deserved that.  Well ladies, I learned later from many of my friends that they had s Is thimilar situations and they never got any explanations.   Isn’t it crazy? Who cares. It is life. We have to pick up the pieces and carry on living. He might have though I would be desperate and try and beg him? No way.  I have never done it.  And I don’t think I would change.¶

The good news is, that I managed to get over it very quickly this time.  I wish I knew how to do it years before!  I had lost so much time in previous occasions. Sometimes it took me 3 years! 3 precious years of my life for someone who could not even explain why! No more ladies. I am here as a life example that it can be done. This is what I want to help you with.  I was helped and thrilled with the success and I felt I owe it to all other beautiful women who drain their energy on search for reasons, which do not exist. ¶

Fastest ever recovery

I was free and so happy! Three months later I was not even mentioning S. in my conversations with my best friends!  I even got all his belongings and took them out to the trash!! In previous occasions I would jealously keep all personal items for years. Having objects which belonged to an ex, always mae me feel sad and nostalgic. You know,  thinking about what and why it happened. Not this time!  Hey ladies, you cannot believe what a relief that is.  I could hear the name and it did not move anything inside my chest or gut. Nothing. Lovely! I was rid of all emotions connected with him.  ¶

How did I do it? When was I ready to get back to dating?

I did it by meeting amazing coaches.  After the book I mentioned, I read about the Intention Experiment of Lynne McTaggart. Super interesting.  Then I happen to hear and listen to Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley.  His story is a good example to anyone struggling. Then I learned about the Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman.  Then I listened to Carol Tuttle and Natalie Ledwell.  I learned about our 7 chakras and meditation.  It has been a non-stop growth!  I could not sleep so that I could participate in live webinars, always late at night for me.  ¶

At one point I was reading and savouring “The philosophical notes” of Brian Johnson.  But I had the biggest benefit from Rikka who is an amazing woman with a gift.  She loves and respects women and just like me now, she is coaching, teaching meeting passing on that great energy of love to all she touches with her voice.  It is a gift.  It is so gentle and caring that you immediately feel loved. She had live sessions in which people were crying and forgiving all wrong that was done to them.  From her I learned how to sever the connections with my ex partner. I succeeded to forgive and release him.

This is how I came up with the idea of helping women on my site. I am so grateful to my daughter helping with the site “Cheer Up Ladies”  I wanted to cheer up women!

I want to help you ladies! Live an independent happy fulfilling life, even when you lose the zeal to live, which ofte happens after you break up with your partner. Life is worth living. I know the way to live without pain, guilt and shame. Fast and guaranteed.  If I did it, you can do it!  ¶

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And now my promise to you.

I will do my best to help you, not only getting rid of pain and negative memories, but getting on in life in the most positive and prosperous way possible.