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Overcoming Depression, Loneliness & Social Anxiety with Mindfulness

“Social anxiety and loneliness are two sides of the same coin; each one stimulates the other”

Just like Mark Waldman receives many invitations to watch programs and trainings, everyone of us gets them regularly in the inbox. Most of them are not worth taking, but those with Mark Waldman himself are exceptions and those are the ones I recommend to you.

and many of them have Mark as their neuroscience advisor, like this one created by Ande Anderson on “Overcoming Depression and Loneliness.”

She has brought together 40 psychotherapists and doctors – many of which Mark highly respects.  They address the growing anxiety caused by this pandemic.

For example, did you know that since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of people suffering from symptoms of depression has almost tripled, according to a new study by Boston University of Public Health?

It begins on Monday November 23rd and I strongly recommend that you sign up.

CLICK HERE to register

There will be plenty of useful advice touching on many facets of loneliness and depression: how to overcome your fears and develop self-compassion, how to deal with feelings of worthlessness, and what is really going on in your brain when your relationships with others are disrupted by this pandemic. This is where Mark comes in, and Ande asked him to create a special presentation for her summit that covers these topics:

“Social anxiety and loneliness are two sides of the same coin; each one stimulates the other.

Loneliness is deeply tied to life meaning. Social relationships imbue life with meaning and it balances three key networks in your brain.

Loneliness and social anxiety are mostly caused by too much imagination and overthinking coupled with real or imaginary rejection by others.

Loneliness compromises both the structure and functioning of key brain networks, but it’s easy to rebalance them with a unique form of mindfulness.”

Mark Waldman was inspired to create a radically different experiential program called “Love & the Brain: The New Brain Science of Romance, Relationship & Intimacy.” He wanted to thank Ande Anderson for encouraging him to do this.  Then he decided that you will benefit if you personally meet her to hear how she created this summit and how her favorite speakers were…enjoy!  CLICK THIS LINK to watch our interview.

Mark your calendar and save your spot right here

Love Relationships and Dating Neuro-Brain Retraining for Women & Men

From Insecurity to Self-Love and Meaningful Relationship

How can we go into a meaningful relationship which might lead to love if we feel insecure and confused?  Is the way we feel connected to emotional wounds from our childhoods?

Can we call it ‘a lack of love?’ Insufficient loving attention? Let me start with the good news: We can do something about it.
We can learn self-love and compensate for the past. <<< Take the Quiz about your future partner.

We always hear that if one is insecure, in some way he was neglected from our parents and family.  That negligence created irrational negative beliefs about ourselves and about our worth.

Those wounds keep us from being able to do more work for ourselves. They keeps us from investing into ourselves in a more meaningful way.

Even when we’re struggling to really recognize our own inherent value, then we’re, not going to exert our energies outside of ourselves into things that we really care. Why?  Because we’re, not going to think that it’s worth our time and our energy.

You know we’re going to think that we’re probably going to fail at it. So why do it all? Why put ourselves out there and take that risk? We cannot succeed.  But by avoiding investing into ourselves in a more meaningful way and investing into self-love we grow up marginalized.

We do that ourselves. We create these very negative and irrational beliefs about ourselves and about our work that makes us think there is  something wrong with us.

We’re inadequate.  We won’t measure up.  It makes it that much bigger of a risk to put ourselves out there and do things that we would care about because we’re so afraid that we’re not going to do it well!

We’re going to mess it all up and fail, and everybody’s going to really see what’s wrong with us. Who would like the perspective of that? We fear. This is only 1 of the 100s of fears we all have. Learn how to tame the fear first, that is my honest advice.

Okey. Why fear? Because everybody’s going to see who we are, how unprepared we are,  so it feels like such a risk. We dismiss that as a possibility.   We keep those wounds from the past really fresh and we keep that pain alive within us. And of course we’re not investing into self-love as we sort of hate ourselves.

But let me tell you that, when we have this awareness, we can actually put insight into action. We can use the weakness as a fuel. We can now take what we know and understand.  We know where that fear comes from, we understand why is it there.

We can challenge ourselves to put ourselves out there and just experiment with things that we might really resonate with. We probably don’t know what our great big passion in life is. We might not know what our overwhelming joys in life are, either.

Let us break this barrier by doing more of what we would like to do.  Do things that could actually be of interest to you.  Create a spark within you and you can forge ahead and do it. I know I can.

Okay, as long as we’re putting ourselves out there, that’s already a great starting point. It’s kind of giving a “like’ to yourself. Ideally, a parent will help their child get into all kinds of activities to play and see what kinds of things they connect to.

This will reveal what kinds of things stick so maybe like putting them in gymnastics or karate  or football club or piano lessons, or anything like that. They actually  see what can work.  We can do the same thing for ourselves.

We can reparent ourselves and just let ourselves play.  We’re able to invest into ourselves in this way. We deserve it, that’s. We are able to create a more authentic relationship with ourselves.  Then we will feel more secure and relaxed about connecting with other people in more authentic and meaningful ways.

This ‘reparenting’ ourselves will help us have more of the exciting and fulfilling relationship that we would really like

Love Relationships and Dating


When you find a jam, you will know how to find a date.  We’re going to talk about some cool places to find your next dating subject.

Women Winning in All Camps
Cheer Up Ladies from Las Vegas

I don’t know what you like to date so fill in the blank for the ‘subject’ I use here. I’m going to give you the five places that I have successfully found dating subjects and I think that you can find dating subjects too.

For me those dating subjects are cute guys and here are the five places.


Number one, coffee shops. The rule is you don’t go to the isolated coffee shop that no one goes to.

You know that coffee shop called Starbucks where everyone sits and you can’t find any place to work and it’s crammed and you’re sitting on top of the person next to you? You gotta go there.

You have to sit there read a book, play on your computer that is your coffee shop, go there often.


Place number two for dating, is sports-oriented sh!t. Now that means joining a sports league or what I like to call a drinking league with sports sometimes.

Or going to a sporting event being around something sports-oriented. You start going to those places and guess what? There you’ll meet those people that you wanted…

Number three Next is grocery stores. Yes, grocery stores. I have met so many cute guys in grocery stores. It’s like – food oriented you like food, I like food, let’s survive together.

So it’s a really good chance that at some point during the week there will be a guy or lady or whatever you like at the grocery store fulfilling their life needs. So you be there too, smile  and say, “oh you like, you like strawberries?” They’ll be like, “I love strawberries.”

” And be like, “strawberry me.”

Number four. House parties y’all.  First off, it’s a dying breed. Find some house parties. Meet some friends and be like “you know you should have? A house party!” “You know what you should have? a BBQ!” Why? Because random people come to sh!t like this because we love it, we miss them we miss house parties because we remember what college was like and high school.

And at house parties you would talk to people and you’d be like, “oh my God, I had this moment with this guy on the balcony and we talked for like 30 minutes about like fireworks” Exactly.

Then you guys date, BAM! House parties find you some.


Number five for this list. If you’re looking for that bomb, muscular guy. Are you looking for tone? Are you looking for sweat? Find a gym.

You know why should you find a gym? Because you don’t even have to work out that hard. Like I used to work out at a gym. David Spade used to come to gym he didn’t even work out he just walked around.

So you can just find you a gym and walk around. You know, go there once a day walk around for 30 minutes look like you do some something. But it’s your face being there you’ll see other people. Because that’s the crazy thing about gyms, other people go there too.

And then you’ll see them out at the grocery store or the coffee shop and you go, “hey don’t you go to my gym?” and they go, “I sure do go to your gym.” They be like, “I’d like to take you to dinner and feed you.  Want to go to the grocery store together?” Oh my God, do you see this matrix of beauty for dating? This is the matrix.

I mean… a square has four sides but add one more in the middle and you have five. The point is, full circle these are your jams, these are easy to do this is how you get your dating life up. And make sure that you leave a comment letting me know if you have any places that you find successful in meeting people.

Subscribe, share, like and comment. Comment below and I will see you next time. Stay Creative!

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Text Romance Back into Your Life

Texting Romance Back into Your Life

Yes. Why Not use all modern tech to bring back sparkle in your life. In this case, I am just talking about texting, messaging. We do that all the time. We do it for work. We do it with our best friends. We do it also with out partners. But, do we really think in terms of texting in such a way to keep his passion burning? Most of us, don’t.

We should. It’s a bit of work, I know. Go here and see how others do it now:

Texting To Keep Romance In Your Life

I know you love Him. I know he is your life. I know he trusts you and knows all about you. What do you think he is thinking about you? The point is, that you think at this moment, after 10 years together, there is no point playing games.

You can’t imagine how wrong you can be. I know, most of your friends are in the same boat. They love, trust and care about their partners. But, there are other, free elements so to say out there, who play games. And men love games.

Well, should I forget about Mario, who I saw with a flirty little woman the other day? Mario is married. Yes. Carley, his wife, worships him. If you listen to her, you would think Mario is the best husband-lover a woman could ever have?!

Text Romance Back into Your Life
Text Romance Back into Your Life

But, is it true? Why was he on that hotel terrace at 9.30 pm with that woman? he had a business meeting? Business dinner? His wife Carley, new about it. She never doubted him. OK. Maybe that was OK in the beginning.

But I saw him 2nd time, coming out of caffe’ laughing and pulling by the hand another woman, this time a blondie. Was that an innocent meeting? An old friend? College friend?

You know how easily people can lose trust in their partners. Do you accept that Mario would have damaged his reputation by being seen having these ‘private meetings’ with ladies? I mean, by being careless?

So, why is he behaving like that?

If you want my honest opinion, he has lost himself a bit. There must be something missing in his relationship with Carley. from all my couples friends, he is the first one I see, jeopardising his trust with Carley. Sooner or later, she will hear about ‘his outings’. She will be hurt.

I will meet her today and share the “Text Romance Back into Your Life” 

Going through by clicking the link, you can also refresh your skills and get  the romance back into your life.




Love Relationships and Dating

Win Him Back With 3 – Magic Special Texts

Why We Break Up

We often break up with our partners for some silly reason and we think day and night about what happened, blaming him or ourselves for doing something stupid.

How do we feel

It can go forever. It hurts us. We start thinking that we should be more careful. We are advised to be be more liberal.  Our entire inner being is indignant as we expect to be treated with a lot of respect and we need to have a talk about it.

3 - Special Texts

But he isn’t calling. He isn’t texting. More time passes less sure we are of how to go about it. It makes our life miserable. We start missing on social life.
We want to go out, but what should we do when we face him? Friends give suggestions, but none seems suitable.

This is where my link comes useful. Wouldn't you 
like to be handed over a text to copy and paste 
and know for certain, he would come back as if 
nothing has happened? Of course you would. It is
 going to save you all that sad depressing and uncertain time sitting at home, 
 waiting for a sign. Take the initiative in that clever proven manner. 
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>>>  Win Him Back With 3 – Magic Special Texts <<<



See what works and how easy you would come out of the crisis.

Of course, if you feel deeply offended, you might decide to wait longer. just be aware that other ladies are not ‘sleeping’. They quickly and skillfully move in and catch the guys who are completely unprepared to defend their feelings.

Waiting too long is quite risky. I just watch a movie yesterday about a case like that. Two doctors were flirting and just when she was ready for him, another one stepped in and basically ‘offered’ herself there and then.

He was reluctant, but he let himself be laid. Going out for his date, he was late and confused. She didn’t know what happened. He didn’t know how to lie and couldn’t admit it either. He never planned it, but men don’t refuse, do they?

Be safe. Learn about texting the right way and shoot. Don’t risk it. Click next line below!



>>> Win Him Back With 3 – Magic Special Texts <<<



Good luck and let love win.

Yours Denny

Love Relationships and Dating

Neuroscience on Love, Emotion and Money

 Is Love An Emotion?

Why don’t you ask yourself “What is love?” Better yet, take out a sheet of paper and make a bullet-point list of the 5-10 things you believe represent the meaning of love.

You could do something more. Tomorrow ask a friend or colleague how they define love.  I bet their answers will surprise you.

I am not convinced you should ask your partner because it may cause a fight between you. After all if you are together both of assume that love is equally understood, right? no.  Love means something dramatically different to nearly everyone. Even to your partner. And yet we assume that our lovers share the same notion. They don’t!

Look for curiosity in a good dictionary. What do you see? Multitude of synonyms that people all use: [I will make mine bold] affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment, devotion, adoration, idolization, worship, passion,  desire, lust, yearning, infatuation, compassion, care, caring, regard, concern, friendliness, friendship, kindness, charity, goodwill, sympathy, altruism, unselfishness, philanthropy.

What are your words expressing the meaning of love?

Biologists consider love an instinctive drive to mate. Psychologists haven’t been able to come to an agreement in over a 100 years.  Neuroscience shows: love is NOT an emotion.  It’s an IDEA based on social experiences . Those different experiences  make the word LOVE mean different things to different people.

According to the survey done by Mark Waldman* and Andy Newberg, renowned  in the neurology field, only 5% of the 2000 respondents had a similar definition on Love  and God! But when they asked about “money” everyone agreed. Neurologically our experience of love is processed in the “value” center of the brain.

Let’s return to your listed qualities of love you made. Which one has the most meaning and value to you? Savor that word or phrase and turn it into an affirmation or meditation. Notice how your feelings change? Do this BEFORE you ask someone else for their definition, then show them how to find the words that express their deepest values.  You have now a recipe for mutual love!

How often do you feel annoyed or irritated at something? It can make you lose your track and  hurt your work productivity. Neuroscience uses a trick that will eliminate your frustrations in less than five minutes. 

Imagine someone in the next flat is drilling and you’re being distracted, or you are bothered by a body pain or itch. Instead of getting mad at it – which won’t change anything other than to increase your own negativity – set aside whatever you’re doing and totally immerse yourself in every aspect of the experience. Study the drilling noise. Listen to the patterns of it. Allow the pain to just be there without judging it.

The moment you become curious and watchful, dopamine is released in the reward center of your brain and your irritability is instantly replaced by pleasure, contentment, and inner peace.

Since we started with Love, let’s finish with love. Do you love yourself?

>>.  click  here to read the free book on self-love which had a big success recently <<<

Honor and love yourself if you want others to love you.



*Mark Waldman collaborates closely with John Assaraf on neuroscience practical projects. Brain-A-thon is one of those powerful free webinars held once or twice a year worth your time.

Love Relationships and Dating

[Quiz] Where do you think You will Find Your future Partner?

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Love Relationships and Dating Women And The Law of Attraction

[Quiz] Are You Dating and Ready To Meet Your Significant Other?


Love is in the air. I can feel it!   Are you dating? You haven’t met your partner yet.

Where do people meet their future partners?  How many of your friends are in a meaningful

relationship?  Are you looking in the wrong places or you are confused and need help?

Are you ready to start? Take the 30-seconds Quiz to see the answer.

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Love Relationships and Dating

Get Back to Dating Again

Are you spending your days walking and having debates in your mind? You and him arguing again? He does what he always does and does not want to hear you? Do you still believe you can make him stop and really hear you?

Was there a time when he was more present, more attentive and more happy?

Over and over and over again, you remember and relive all the pain of being ignored. He was not like that in the beginning. No. He changed. It hurts right? And you loved that man so much. You gave him all the time in the world. You felt his needs and aspirations and  you were there for him.

And put him in the first place?! You were second, only so that you could see his face happy and feel the joy!!! You love sharing!

Not any more

He has decided you have to part…

Would you be prepared to forget it all if he just pulled you with passion and intent and hugged and kissed you? Love resolves all problems, right?

Wrong. Love resolves all problems if it is a self denying love, putting the partner’s interests in the first place! This is what You did! You were living for him.

Suddenly the world has become too small, you want to scream, you want to ask why, you want him so badly! You still love all his little habits! What a way to treat you, you cannot believe it.

All you need is to stop the heart ache

Only then you can start living again. Only after you find what an incredible loving person you are! Self love first, then love for others.

I have the tools. Do you want to learn the 3 steps to Dating Again?  LET ME IN THE SECRET NOW

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