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Overcoming Depression, Loneliness & Social Anxiety with Mindfulness

“Social anxiety and loneliness are two sides of the same coin; each one stimulates the other”

Just like Mark Waldman receives many invitations to watch programs and trainings, everyone of us gets them regularly in the inbox. Most of them are not worth taking, but those with Mark Waldman himself are exceptions and those are the ones I recommend to you.

and many of them have Mark as their neuroscience advisor, like this one created by Ande Anderson on “Overcoming Depression and Loneliness.”

She has brought together 40 psychotherapists and doctors – many of which Mark highly respects.  They address the growing anxiety caused by this pandemic.

For example, did you know that since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of people suffering from symptoms of depression has almost tripled, according to a new study by Boston University of Public Health?

It begins on Monday November 23rd and I strongly recommend that you sign up.

CLICK HERE to register

There will be plenty of useful advice touching on many facets of loneliness and depression: how to overcome your fears and develop self-compassion, how to deal with feelings of worthlessness, and what is really going on in your brain when your relationships with others are disrupted by this pandemic. This is where Mark comes in, and Ande asked him to create a special presentation for her summit that covers these topics:

“Social anxiety and loneliness are two sides of the same coin; each one stimulates the other.

Loneliness is deeply tied to life meaning. Social relationships imbue life with meaning and it balances three key networks in your brain.

Loneliness and social anxiety are mostly caused by too much imagination and overthinking coupled with real or imaginary rejection by others.

Loneliness compromises both the structure and functioning of key brain networks, but it’s easy to rebalance them with a unique form of mindfulness.”

Mark Waldman was inspired to create a radically different experiential program called “Love & the Brain: The New Brain Science of Romance, Relationship & Intimacy.” He wanted to thank Ande Anderson for encouraging him to do this.  Then he decided that you will benefit if you personally meet her to hear how she created this summit and how her favorite speakers were…enjoy!  CLICK THIS LINK to watch our interview.

Mark your calendar and save your spot right here

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Logic vs Emotion. Left-Brain vs Right-Brain.

Hey this is Denny

I follow John Assaraf who is the CEO of a program called NeuroGym.  In a few days time you will get the chance to witness the sharing of insights, tips and secrets by a team of invited expert guests; brain science experts, psychologists, professors at Harvard and Loyola universities, personal development coaches etc Click this link to reserve a spot.

Meet some of the heros of Brain-a-Thon 2020

And now I want to present you the age-old question of logic versus emotion, left-brain vs right-brain.


Guess what: number one – your whole brain is always working and the question around, which is more powerful, logic or emotion has been answered through some of the most recent scientific brain research.

Here’s the answer – you actually need both, because they’re equally important. But I actually think that emotion drives your behavior even more, and let me explain.

Every idea that you have starts in your left prefrontal cortex and every image or vision has an emotional impact within the deepest coldest parts of your brain. Learn more on the live event here

Now, if the emotion for that vision is too small, your motivational center won’t be activated.  What that means is that you’re not going to get any of that feel-good legal drug called dopamine. It won’t be released.  When dopamine isn’t released the Goal that you have really won’t feel important enough for you to spend any energy on and go after.

If you have an idea or a goal and the emotional reaction is negative, because you’ve activated the fear centers of your brain, your motivational center turns off and guess what you’ll do?

You will have doubts, you will have fear,  you’ll procrastinate. You’ll come up with all the reasons why you shouldn’t or you can’t go after, or even be able to achieve, that goal.

So the key here is this: when you have a goal and you emotionally stimulate  the positive ideas and aspects of that goal, you’re also stimulating the motor cortex of your brain.

You start to figure out how to make the goal or dream a reality. What you have to manage is to make sure that your positive emotions are not too strong or too weak, because if they’re too strong, what happens?  You start to act, impulsively and carelessly like an addict and you become more susceptible to risky behaviors causing you to make mistakes?

The beautiful thing that you can learn how to do is to have balance between the emotional center of your brain, which is the amygdala, situated  just above the ears inside your brain, and the idea center of your brain in your left prefrontal cortex.

And what this requires you to do is to be aware, socially aware, personally aware, of what is happening.

What happens when you are compassionate with yourself around the goals and dreams you want to achieve? You’re activating the insular and anterior part of your brain. What all of this does is, it gets you to start carefully analyzing all of the things that you feel and all the things you want to achieve.

We do that through our Logical mind or brain, so we use both parts of the brain.  We choose the goals and activate the different parts of our brain. That really brings out the genius that’s right within us.







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Cheer Up Ladies - Motivation, Neuro Brain ReTraining & Health Blog Neuro-Brain Retraining for Women & Men

How to Release Money Stress

Hey this Denny,

There is a wonderful opportunity for everyone who gets invited to participate in the event and release money stress.

I want you to join John Assaraf, CEO of NeuroGym and Dr. Heidi Hannah, who’s an energy performance and stress relief specialist.

She will show you exactly how and why you must eliminate stress around money and get rid of your money worries so that you can get rid of the fear, doubts and the lack of confidence.

You may be earning more and keeping more and living an exceptional life now.  Join by clicking Sign up today for our virtual training >>>  Brain-a-Thon. Sign up today.

Just think what your life would be when you get rid of the money stress!

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Cheer Up Ladies - Motivation, Neuro Brain ReTraining & Health Blog Neuro-Brain Retraining for Women & Men

Best Brain Based Methods To Transform Your Fears Into Fuel For Success

I would like to invite you to spend your precious time on something very important. Have an honest look at your fears.


Learn when a fear is real and when it is a remnant from the past, when you depended on your parent and a different group of friends.

Most of our fears go un-noticed. They are not understood and we don’t analyze them. Remember that a big part of your fears are based on past experiences, some from your early years.

This is the link to click if you want a Free On Demand virtual training 

Unless you have a good idea of your arsenal of fears and you put them to the test, you will be their ‘slave’. An automatic neural system gets activated with a word, a face, a fragrance or a piece of music or else and you envisage a negative memory.

That stops you from taking action. You react by blocking a new possibility. That is devastating for your goals.

If you want to see what your embedded into your subconscious brain fears are,  don’t hesitate to use this link. The man, who spent more than 10 years to gather world renowned experts in psychology and personal development to create a program, John Assaraf, is offering Free On Demand Virtual Training.

Take advantage while you can. Remember that without elimination of the fears, your advancement in any area is real limited, if not impossible.

To your success and big improvement


Neuro-Brain Retraining for Women & Men

Increase Revenue for Your Business. Tackle Your Fears

Having your own business can be the royal road to financial freedom.

However, building a business is like learning how to solve the 3×3 Rubik’s cube, you first have to practice with the puzzle to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

But there’s a formula to help you to be successful in business. And no matter what industry you’re in, business is a science. Do you want to learn the scientific formula behind business success?

Sometimes most recent business big successes depend largely on  our facebook friends. If our friends are not ‘in love’ with social accounts and social interaction online, we can even help them improve first, then together grow our revenue by growing our business online.

I am going a bit ‘off topic’, but let me do that in order to mention what we all need first, before we achieve any substantial business success. We need to tackle our fears. With only 2 clicks I will take you to the right place.

Get a quick idea on your fears and see how you can eliminate them. Replace them with supporting uplifting beliefs. Only then you can start growing really.

Good luck my friends



Love Relationships and Dating Neuro-Brain Retraining for Women & Men

From Insecurity to Self-Love and Meaningful Relationship

How can we go into a meaningful relationship which might lead to love if we feel insecure and confused?  Is the way we feel connected to emotional wounds from our childhoods?

Can we call it ‘a lack of love?’ Insufficient loving attention? Let me start with the good news: We can do something about it.
We can learn self-love and compensate for the past. <<< Take the Quiz about your future partner.

We always hear that if one is insecure, in some way he was neglected from our parents and family.  That negligence created irrational negative beliefs about ourselves and about our worth.

Those wounds keep us from being able to do more work for ourselves. They keeps us from investing into ourselves in a more meaningful way.

Even when we’re struggling to really recognize our own inherent value, then we’re, not going to exert our energies outside of ourselves into things that we really care. Why?  Because we’re, not going to think that it’s worth our time and our energy.

You know we’re going to think that we’re probably going to fail at it. So why do it all? Why put ourselves out there and take that risk? We cannot succeed.  But by avoiding investing into ourselves in a more meaningful way and investing into self-love we grow up marginalized.

We do that ourselves. We create these very negative and irrational beliefs about ourselves and about our work that makes us think there is  something wrong with us.

We’re inadequate.  We won’t measure up.  It makes it that much bigger of a risk to put ourselves out there and do things that we would care about because we’re so afraid that we’re not going to do it well!

We’re going to mess it all up and fail, and everybody’s going to really see what’s wrong with us. Who would like the perspective of that? We fear. This is only 1 of the 100s of fears we all have. Learn how to tame the fear first, that is my honest advice.

Okey. Why fear? Because everybody’s going to see who we are, how unprepared we are,  so it feels like such a risk. We dismiss that as a possibility.   We keep those wounds from the past really fresh and we keep that pain alive within us. And of course we’re not investing into self-love as we sort of hate ourselves.

But let me tell you that, when we have this awareness, we can actually put insight into action. We can use the weakness as a fuel. We can now take what we know and understand.  We know where that fear comes from, we understand why is it there.

We can challenge ourselves to put ourselves out there and just experiment with things that we might really resonate with. We probably don’t know what our great big passion in life is. We might not know what our overwhelming joys in life are, either.

Let us break this barrier by doing more of what we would like to do.  Do things that could actually be of interest to you.  Create a spark within you and you can forge ahead and do it. I know I can.

Okay, as long as we’re putting ourselves out there, that’s already a great starting point. It’s kind of giving a “like’ to yourself. Ideally, a parent will help their child get into all kinds of activities to play and see what kinds of things they connect to.

This will reveal what kinds of things stick so maybe like putting them in gymnastics or karate  or football club or piano lessons, or anything like that. They actually  see what can work.  We can do the same thing for ourselves.

We can reparent ourselves and just let ourselves play.  We’re able to invest into ourselves in this way. We deserve it, that’s. We are able to create a more authentic relationship with ourselves.  Then we will feel more secure and relaxed about connecting with other people in more authentic and meaningful ways.

This ‘reparenting’ ourselves will help us have more of the exciting and fulfilling relationship that we would really like

Neuro-Brain Retraining for Women & Men

The Medici Code Review

Changing the course of your life can be very difficult especially when it feels like the whole world is against you. You try and fail, over and over again wanting to have a different life. If you feel like a life of abundance is unreachable, do not lose hope because there is a code that may help you manifest the life you want!

What is Medici Code?

Medici Code is a 3-week program that empowers you to manifest the life of your dreams. It is a combination of and old-age success secrets of The Medici Family and the secret brainwaves that can reprogram your subconscious. It is composed of life-affirming and success-driving meditations of The Medici Family who ruled the city of Florence throughout the Renaissance period. They are staunch supporters of Science and Art which have become great influence during the Renaissance. The Renaissance marked the beginning of modernization and progress.

The Medici Code - Medici

The Medici built an empire of unmatched wealth using connections and creativity unknown by others, but you will get a chance to know the Medici Family’s secrets, to be able to rewire your mind, visualize the life you want and make it a reality.

If doubt, scarcity, fear and anxiety took over you because of your current situation and past experiences, with the help of the Medici Code, it is now possible to easily achieve abundance, success, influence, peace and confidence. This secret code can unlock your true potential and unlock unlimited abundance.

Who Created the Medici Code?

The Medici Code was created by Anthony Medina. He had a rough childhood, even his father called him a loser. He struggled a lot and desperately wanted his life to change but felt powerless. But he discover this amazing code that helped him change the programming of his mind and helped him become who he is now, living the life he dreamed of.

How Does Medici Code Work?

The Medici Code is divided in three frameworks that you should accomplish in three weeks. The sound waves that you will be listening to are quieting, relieving and tranquil to hear which can help your mind into a deep meditative state. It is recommended that you do the program for three weeks because it is the minimum time needed for your brain to create a habit.

Week 1 is called Foundations. You need to listen to a 17-minute audio program. Basing on its name, it works to reframe your foundational beliefs about yourself, about wealth, abundance and a greater possibility. During this time you will learn that you create your own reality. There will be no self-limiting beliefs and doubts, you will be renewed into a new YOU.

Week 2 is called Apprenticeship. This 17-minute audio track will help you become the master of your destiny, to actively part in creating your story, the story that you want to unfold.

Week 3 is called Mastery. Just like the Renaissance artists and great thinkers who are master creators, you too will become a master creator.

For three weeks you will be unlocking greatness within yourself. Your mind will be able to manifest what you want in your life. A life of abundance, a life of self discovery and success. The mind is very powerful and it can either make or break you. If you use its power to your advantage, then you can unlock great potential and have great opportunities which are life changing.


Reprograms your subconscious mind which is the most powerful part of your brain just by pressing play.

– The manifesting tool that makes your dreams into a reality.

– It is easy to do and only takes a few minutes per day.

– Helps you recreate yourself for the better and lets you discover your true potential.

– Keeps your brain into a state of deep relaxation.

– Removes self-limiting beliefs.

– Helps you visualize your future.

– Creates a reality of abundance.

– The audio tracks are relaxing.

– Empowers you and boosts your self-esteem.

– Comes with valuable rewards like The Medici Shield which is inspired by Medici Renaissance and discusses about Freedom, Power, Beauty, Influence and Limitless Potential. Other rewards are Pure Sleep Prime and Anxiety Buster.

The Medici Code - Bonus

– Your investment is backed with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.


– It can only be purchased online.

– Needs internet to access the audios.

– Results may vary as every person is unique.


You can have the life that you have always wanted. A life of freedom, peace, abundance and success. You will be guided to the right track, to help you be on your way to the life of your dreams as you become more confident about yourself and as you discover how your potential can take you to new heights.

The power of your subconscious mind will help you manifest your dreams with the help of the Medici Code.

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Our Brains love Goals. Train Your Brain for Success

Everybody can set goals . . . and most people do. Our brains love goals!

What about you? Do you ever daydream about making a bunch of money doing what you love? Do you have goals for living a joyful, meaningful life with your family and friends by your side?

Goal setting, in fact, was one of the earliest functions of the human nervous system. It helped to trigger movement toward food. Primitive goal-seeking mechanisms were part of our ancestors’ ingrained program . . . and the key to our survival as a species.

But we all need to stop setting goals the old fashioned way and start focusing on the neuroscience of goal achievement instead.

How do we do this? We start with eliminating all deeply embedded fears. After that you can have it all.


Neuro-Brain Retraining for Women & Men

Reprogram Your Brain To Get The Future You Want

Let’s talk about stories that we have in our heads, everybody has a story. What story do you have in your head? What is your story? Can you reprogram your brain to get the future you want? The answer is – yes!

I will tell you what I mean – do you accept that you have reached your potential, based on the education you had and the general beliefs among your friends about that? Is that your story or have you accepted what you hear around you as ‘your’ story?

We have a money story and when that money story is based on past lack of money in the family, for example, it doesn’t help us get money. Someone has done a lot of studies, gathered the best experts as a team and created a program to

teach about how to get rid of debilitating fears in order to set off on the way to winning the game of money.   In the winning the game of money program you learn how to reprogram your brain for a stronger money story. It is possible! The

We have a story around our healthabout our relationships, about our career, about our business life.

We have a story about everything and then we go about living that story over and over and over again and very few people think about the fact that we are repeating the same patterns in many cases of our parents or even of our own lives.

From the time we are 20, 30. 40. 50. 60.. Well, what if you can go to the future – and you can think about “if I could change my story today – that would get me to the future that I want”, you could start writing out your story now . That is the first obstacle – allowing the possibility of a change, right?

What do I mean write out your story? I learned many years ago to write out my money story. My life story, my relationship story and I’ve, always started in this fashion.

I write down a page or two pages. That is a story that I want my future to be like, and then I type it out. So I usually write by hand, then I type it out and then I laminate it. Then I’ll record it and then I’ll listen to it over and over and over again now you may think that sounds silly.

Why would you do that? Why? Because any information that you get in through the senses, through your ears, through your eyes, that you touch, that you feel, activates neurons in the brain.  When those neurons are activated, they wire together in a certain way.

If you repeat it often enough your brain says: “hey you are investing a lot of time and energy on this stuff. Let me start to put some automatic processes to make that story real. I can save some energy if I automate this processes.”  And this is where winning from the inside out comes to play.

I am so happy and grateful for the fact that I am living the life of my dreams and I am traveling all over the world and I’m able to give to the charities that my family and I love and I write down in present tense everything that I’m doing, feeling, experiencing, for health, wealth, relationships, career, business, finances, fun, experiences charity.

This is why using meditation and visualization,  mindfulness and affirmations, emotional management techniques and subliminal programming, all work.

If you can get the information into the brain and you use spaced repetition, backed with emotion, you are going to develop the neural patterns that will activate something called automaticity.

All right? Automaticity is when these neurons activate automatically and then your perspective starts changing.  Your beliefs start to change as well. Your behavior starts to change the filters by which you see the world. The lenses by which you see the world start to match up with your new story – the future story written in present tense.

One of the first things which will set you on the way to earning the money you want, is creating a new money story, reprogramming the brain so you will live the life of your dreams.

Why reprogramming the brain? Because it works.

If you would like to get a better idea of what the quality of the program is,  go to the link here  and start getting rid of all embedded hindering fears. >>> Rewrite Your Money Story <<<

The success rate is very high!

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