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Cheer Up Ladies was created March 2015 for all who would like to share experiences in life, to Teach Raise the Spirit and bring Joy and Smiles.  All Promotions here are of people who have become very successful Entrepreneurs or/and able  Empowering  Energy and Consciousness Teachers. We’re a  Motivational Blog.

The creator of Cheer Up Ladies, Denny, is a successful entrepreneur, a linguist with 9 spoken languages, an author and singer, and is blessed to be able to empower people to feel more at home with themselves and release old stigmas deeply imbedded in their mind to eliminate subconscious fears thus liberating their spirit to create. A tour guide in three countries, Denny meets with thousands from all over the world and learns about them.

In her interaction with people she transmits her passion and higher vibration. She believes the time is right for a change in consciousness on our planet and works to bring that change  by preparing people to make improve on the inside, then on the outside.

Empowered by her great love for humanity, Denny travels the world and learns about all different nations.   Always joyful and adventurous,  vibrating with happiness she makes her presence felt. Inspiring each person she meets to remember, to accept and love themselves and to spread love and peace wherever they go.  She empowers people to know they are the torches  bringing  about transformation for themselves and the planet.



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